Wednesday, April 27, 2016


I was awakened again this morning with loud claps of thunder and pouring rain outside....jumped out of bed "dis-oriented X 2.5, all I could think about is "one little lightning strike between Winnie and High Island and NO COFFEE!  So, I ran downstairs, poured the waiting water into the BUNN and whala!....I always heat up the carafe when weather is outside just in case, so I can pour the coffee there and make a pot right away.  It is a little ritual but rarely needed.

Having said that, all is quiet here.  Making some headway finishing the new Buttler's Pantry that our Brother in Law David built for us (Shari's sister's husband...he is a cabinet maker).   Other than that I am getting ahead on my rest for the summer.  We sure enjoy our grandsons (LEFT)  Lance and Michael,  who live about 20 minutes from here but with their family's young and busy schedule....have to work them in when THEY are too tired to to anything else.  Thanks for mom and dad who do a good job posting photos in between our gatherings.  Our two in Houston have been chatty since the flooding and daughter Sara pops in now and then for sleepovers when she needs to get away.  Our son Bryan...sigh... is kind of busy at the restaurant and rarely gets time off.

                                                                                                    Lance                          Michael

I started to move all of our recipes to this blog (see recipe section) then forgot I was doing it.  So there was one posted today and I add a couple of others.  I may look for another solution as this is difficult to manage...and I don't do difficult.

Hope all are well, we are doing fine but do hope for some dry weather and NOT looking forward the influx of mosquitoes that are to follow.

Enjoy what is left of Springtime, Until Later....


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