Friday, July 17, 2009

UPDATE - I Forgot How Good Retirement Was

Since working at my sister and her husband's ranch I had forgotton how grand retirement really was. Working long hours on a ranch was fun for a while but it sure feels good to get some time at home to enjoy the things we like to do. I will still help out when they bale hay or work cattle but my time is limited to say the least.

We have been getting a splash or two of rain, today may bring some much needed real rain to the area and thunder rolls at this moment. Things will cool down for a few days as we begin our passage into a "normal" summer pattern here which can be good if it does not stir up tropical storm activity in the Gulf of Mexico.

We will continue to get things done here at the stick house as time and funds permit. The kitchen tile is "job 1" then we will work on the yard, fence and exterior as things cool down in the Fall.

Daughter Lucy and our Grandson Lance stop by nearly every day which is a pleasure I have been missing by being at the ranch. They always leave us with a sparkle of light, they are both so full of energy. It beats the text messages and phone calls we get from Sara and Bryan, the other two of our children, who are both in Houston, but at least we get to see them now and then.

Today, I am off to gather makings for Egg Rolls. We were going out but this is better and we eat less.

Recipe is on my web site...CLICK HERE

Four Phases of an Egg Roll....Start, Fry, Dry and GONE.

I am not sure about the eating less part.....or cheaper...but here are the egg rolls:

Until next time....Take Care everyone and be safe.

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