Monday, September 14, 2009

The "Rain" Has Fallen

We finally got some rain that we could wet our feet in. The gauge added just over 2" of rain which doubled the rainfall we have had since about April 2009. My grass is getting green again.

We finally got the tile work finished in the kitchen, a project we started months ago but just could not get motivated to finish.

We are planning a December trip to San Antonio for the "Festival of Lights" with some friends and to visit family there then on to Kerrville to visit friends there for a few days. We want to go North to Murfreesboro Arkansas to Crater of Diamonds State Park before the cold sets in but are not sure we are going to make that AND do the work we have planned on the house. We are still working to restore things from our hurricane Ike damage and have some good help now and want to take advantage of it while they are available and willing to work for us on these small jobs.

All things considered, we are doing fine and making great progress on the repairs and will start restoring the yard at once. I am tired of the overgrown fence line and out of control status of the fences. Lack of motivation has been our enemy for sure. Our burn ban is due to be lifted on October 4 and really is the only we have to dispose of plant matter other than a 65 mile trip to the County Landfill across the ferry. Our trash company only takes household refuse and nothing else.

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"Find the Joy in Your Life" (Bucket List)

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