Saturday, November 14, 2009

Thanksgiving and Christmas are Upon Us

There are less than two weeks until Thanksgiving and I am getting anxious for the season to start. Shari and her friend Martha are making Christmas wreath's and center pieces to sell at the "Larry's Old Time Trade Days" holiday event Nov. 20-22, and my sister has put some of the items in their space at a little shop in Beaumont. I may post some of the smaller items on Ebay for a week or two to see what happens. Anyway, the flowers, decorations, bells and glitter are working on my soft side (which is larger than one can imagine) as the days pass.

My dad, really enjoyed Thanksgiving and Christmas and loved to share his joy with all he met as did my mom. Although they both passed away long ago, Dad in October and Mother in November years ago, I can still remember the little things that made this time special to our family. I hope each of you have and are experiencing this kind of "Joy in Your Life". If we don't take time to a flash it will be only memories of days gone by.

So today, I will begin putting our "Advent Wreath" together as we have for as long as I can remember....which by the way seems to be getting shorter and shorter of a time...what's that all about? The link is but one site of many to help understand and make a wreath if you should want to do so.

Historically, we have been busy here on the Gulf Coast and are just enjoying ourselves doing what we love and loving what we do.

Enjoy and Please be Safe.

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