Saturday, December 5, 2009

Early Morning on the Beach

I woke early to make sure that the weather forecast was close to the actual outside temperature. Being in the South, we worry about freezing pipes, plants and pets most of which are in "interior spaces" in our home be design. However, there are a couple of pipes and plants outside and in the motorhome that require attention in a freeze.

Temp forecast was for "near freezing" temps of 34 F for about two hours today and actual temp was hovering at just over 33 when I got up. it dipped to 31 and change for a bit until the sun came problems today. Forecast for the rest of the week is for temps in the 40-60 degree range so all is well.

We did get a few flakes of snow yesterday, nothing like the last two snow events here last year and in 2004 but snow none the less.

Today we travel to the ranch for a fish fry with family and old friends. My sister Jo and her husband Ray put on this annual event for the former, present and wannabe ranch is a well attended event and chance to socialize with the gals and guys of the Lazy A Ranch.

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