Monday, January 4, 2010

Monday Update

Shari had a rough night. They discontinued the IV fluids and her blood pressure dropped to dangerous levels in about 10 minutes. This prompted new images and an X-Ray to make sure they had not missed anything and they did not. The Cardiac team believes it was just bad timing removing the fluids just as the right side of the heart was repairing itself and the fluids were necessary to keep blood flowing well. After 6 hours they stopped the IV again and her BP remained normal for 10 hours. If this continues tonight she will be released Tuesday morning.

The doctor has told us that there was no damage and things should return to normal soon.

Thanks to everyone for the thoughts and prayers....Prayer Works.

Jake & Shari


ANT-zee said...

I'm not a huge prayer guy, but I have said a few words for Shari. I like you guys and wish the best for your two. Speedy recovery to Shari so you folks can keep doing what you do!

Sandra said...

Glad to hear things are looking up for Shari and that there was no damage. Good for you guys for the quick reaction when this occurred. All the prayers from the RV-Dreamers also work wonders!

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