Sunday, March 14, 2010

Fence, Gates and Sunshine

This week finds our fence replaced. I never liked chain link fence but for the money it was our choice. We just got tired of replacing the wooden fence with every storm. The gates are being custom made in Beaumont and the drive gates will be just under 18' wide so no fear backing the RV into the driveway. It is a bit interesting to see my fenced yard with three holes where gates should be but I can live with that until the gates arrive.

Friday I was lucky enough to win a large picnic table in a drawing and it will add to the enjoyment of "yard sitting", an activity which I plan to explore in detail this summer. I am on the hunt for a gas grill to replace the one that blew apart during hurricane Ike and to build a patio cover for the table and the grill. It may hard to believe but in July and August shade required.

Saturday I mowed and will spread the Scotts Bonus S and "Over and Out" ant killer today. This should bring the St. Augustine back to full glory and discourage fire ants from stopping to visit our yard.

I am off to the hardware store to pick up the goodies for the yard and a new spreader as mine has been attacked by the "Bolivar Itch". As the saying goes "rust never sleeps" and the handles just rusted away.

I hope to get the RV roof sealed this week and start fluffing the exterior with a good wash/wax job then we can talk about a road trip to see friends and visit our money in Louisiana's "gaming establishments".

All said and done, it was a great week, with a visit from our daughter Sara from Houston, we got to spend time with our son Bryan, also in Houston and enjoyed the company Lucy, Miguel and our grandson Lance who we see often since they only live 20 miles from here. It has been a busy but productive week here on the Gulf Coast of Texas. The bird watchers are here along with Spring Breaker's which add to the confusion in our little town but good for local business....I hope they behave.

Until Next Time.

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LakeConroePenny,TX said...

I have been replacing boards on my fence too, Jake, so I know how that goes.

That is great about the picnic table. And a cover for it is certainly needed here in the summer.
Do you have a back door that goes into your back yard? I only saw the ones in the front and side. Or else, my remember is broken again!

Please take pictures, everyone likes to see pictures of progress.

Happy Trails, Penny, TX

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