Sunday, October 3, 2010

October? Did I fall asleep?

Whew, I woke up and it was October. Time sure passes fast when you are having fun, and if this is fun we are having it. I have spent the last few days helping my Brother in Law and his family bring in the last of the hay...we have one more field to get done next week. The photo is of Ron, my nephew, picking up 10 bales at a time with the hay grapple device and loading 200 of the critters onto the float trailers. My task was to drive the "gator" dragging the "accumulator" putting the bales into pallets of 10 for pick up. We have been blessed with dry weather and very low humidity so the hay dries fast.

Shari fell and crunched her knee. The doctor has decided to let it heal and see what happens. Her being on so much medicine after her January heart attack they are not eager to do much if the pain is gone which it has to a point.

We have spent a good bit of late night time at the Louisiana casinos which are about an hour from our home and have played on their money for the last 4 weeks. We are even again. (this is another way of saying we lost our shirts this weekend).

We have not done much and must get the motorhome ready to travel this week as we leave to do a little job installing some equipment in clinics near Fort Worth and Tyler TX. This will take us close enough to some of our friends homes to visit in Alto and the Dallas-Fort Worth area so the trip will be more fun than work. I do these little jobs now and then mostly as a favor to the people who supported me in my efforts before retirement.

It is cooler here by Texas Gulf Coast standards. Nights as low as the low 50's and highs in the low 80's for the most part and we have had some very clear weather. Perfect for making RAGWEED pollen, so excuse me while I sneeze.

All in all, we are fine and hope to get out some this Winter as the transplanted Texans come "home" for the winter.

Until next time.

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