Saturday, August 18, 2012

Busy Summer

Thanks for hanging in here with has been a busy Summer.  Shari continues to improve after her surgery and I am keeping busy at the ranch.  We have had so much rain that the hay Ray has planted changes every day.  We cut this week and it is almost ready to cut again the next.  The barn is almost full and we have a couple of hundred round bales in the field.  We put up the first of the square bales this week and that process will continue until both barns and the lofts are full for winter.  We can only remember irrigating the past years and yielding little hay for the work and money.

Thunder in the distance...we are expecting a rain filled few days with an "August Cool Front" approaching and a Tropical thing from the South along the coast.  Glad I have only indoor activities planned.

Next week will be busy, daughter Lucy's baby shower is Saturday and then we scoot off to the Isle for the Oakridge Boys concert.  The shower will be at the new Fire / Ems / Community facility and we will be the first official event in the new center.  We are so excited.

Grandson #2 due in October so we are busy on their new house...which needs lots of work but we will make it in plenty of time for a comfortable move in.

All in is good and we are just having too much fun.    If I might, I would like to recommend the movie "The Odd Life of Timothy Green" (Click for official web site and trailer link).

Until next time...

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