Saturday, January 25, 2014

Update for Jan. 2014

Well, in the tradition of our little family we spent New Years Weekend in the hospital again...again.  Shari's right knee replacement, postponed from several years ago due to her heart attack, was on Jan 3..Happy New Year!

All went well until the second night we were home and when changing the bandage we noticed it was a bit pink'ish and warm.  Her therapy session was the next morning so while they were working on her recovery, I took a photo of the knee to her doctor down the hall.  He had an intern and nurse rush to Physical Therapy to stop them, look at the knee and admit her back into the hospital for antibiotic therapy.....5 days.  They pumped about two gallons of meds in her and all is better.  She is walking with a walker, bends up to 80%, working with PT 2 days a week and at home.  She is able to shower now and has little problem getting upstairs to our bedroom each night.  There is a good deal of pain but she is managing to cope with it.  I am here to help making her job of resting, doing the therapy routine and driving to the various appointments for therapy, anti-coag nurse and doctor visits.

We had an issue yesterday with the ice here on the beach.  I had to clear the steps from the house to get her down them but little else.  All is good and we hope your New Year is a grand one for each of you.

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