Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Strange Happenings in the Recent Past

Before I begin I must say that the experiences I am about to share are VERY personal and from my heart.  I am not a perfect Christian but I do work daily to attempt to listen and live the Word of God.

The Stories:

Some time ago, I guess just under 3 years, I began noticing two things.  First I found myself asking the question "What If...after I died nothing at all happened?"   Now his goes against all I have come to believe in my 67 years and my faith was not failing just asking the question.  How sad that would be.  The question did not lead me away from my faith it was just a thought which will go unanswered until my death.  If anything it made me work harder to make sure my life was in order in preparation for my union with my God in heaven.

Secondly, at the same time I began noticing that when I walked in a room, started up the car, glanced at a digital clock the time 12:34 was on the display.  Coincidence?  Daily, sometimes twice a day?  For months?  At least two years in a row?  I think not.  So, I began researching "number meanings", Numerology and the like and nothing struck my attention about these numbers...they just kept on showing up day after day after day.

(stick with me here)

All my life, as taught by my mother, I prayed daily usually from the "Saint Joseph's Daily Missal" book my parents gave me at my Confirmation ceremony October 17, 1958.    One night, in the 3rd year of this number thing, and after exhausting my resources in number meanings, I flipped to the page in the book 1234.  SIGH!
The scripture, 1 Thessalonians 4, 13-18,  from page 1234 of this book, tells me "not to worry......two things are going to happen in the end.  1.  God will take those who have gone before those who are alive at the end.  2.  God will then bring the living who have survived until the end of the world.  For me this was very reassuring as it served to put my mind at ease and realize how stupid I was for even having those doubts.  I take it is a sign no matter who believes or who does not.  It is just what I feel and what I have experienced.

I also think it was my mother who is turning my head toward the clock still today as a reminder of my faith, a "nudge" in the direction I am to go.  Instead of an "Odd" happening it is a "tap on my shoulder" from my sainted mother who guided me both before and after her death.  A belief that gives me great pleasure to know I am being held in her loving arms to this day.

There is one more "layer" to this story if you are still interested.  When we were kids our parents had weekly Bingo and Card gatherings with their friends, Bingo on Wednesday and Cards on Thursday nights.  We went to our rooms when they started because it was not polite to be a bother when they had company so we snacked, said our good nights and went off to our rooms.  The sounds of low voices, with words we could not hear well enough to bother our slumber but there just the same, came from the dining room where they played.  Ladies on Wednesday, men on Thursdays for as long as I can remember.  Now, at night when the AC unit is not on, TV off and I am falling asleep, I can hear the voices, ladies some nights, men on others sometimes mixes, from my upper right side of the wall by our bed.  I tried recording them a few times, got nothing.  Shari can't hear them.
Crazy but true.  To me again, it is a reminder that my parents are there watching over me each night.

Well, there it is.  Is there "Life After Death"?  I believe there is and of that I do not doubt.

At least, for some it is an interesting story...for some, I am sorry I wasted your time.  But for me it is an awakening never to be forgotten.

May you find peace in your daily life and tune into the signs your departed loved ones are sending you every day.


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Rod Ivers said...

Jake I admire your strength to post these thoughts.. I too am 67 and all of my parents and my wife's parents are gone... And now my wife is gone as well... You have to believe that their is life beyond, and that the Lord is there for you.. Hang in there and it will yours one day... Rod

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