Monday, February 23, 2015

BUCKET LIST ITEM "Visit Chichen Itza, Mayan Ruin Site" DONE

Finally after 11 years of retirement and numerous health related delays..we made it in grand style.  We took our second ever cruise ship journey and both were on Valentine's Day but several years apart.  We left Feb. 14 for 6 days to the wonderful Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico.  Traveling with us were Shari's sister Elizabeth (Jean) and her husband David who I have to say are excellent travel partners, loving the ship and all a cruise has to offer.  The Carnival Magic is a grand ship with non stop activities day and night.  She is 1004 feet long and holds 3690 guests and a crew of 1367 on board. Our stateroom was on a lower deck, aft and had a King bed, shower, toilet and sink in one room and a sink and mini (we are short so it was not so mini) deep tub..what a treat for aching backs and legs.  Our intent was to upgrade to a balcony next cruise but taking into account the cost of that vs the time in our rooms not counting sleep, bathing and toilet time....price for minute sucks.  Yes, I am sure we would have forced ourselves to sit outside and watch the water...but with a casino, 3 showrooms, 20 places to eat and NO....I"ll take a window view thanks.  We are moving up to forward and a higher deck just because we can for no more money...but I may never see a balcony room until we can't walk down to the casino or to dinner any longer.  We love meeting new people and can't do that on the balcony for 2.

Our fellow travelers, David and Jean, spent the night Friday with us to make sure we did not go without them which started the fun early.  Having to dodge the Mardi Gras parade at mid day Saturday of our cruise was a challenge but worked out well. A new friend I met in a cruise forum sent me a text ahead of our arrival "boarding all line".  That was all I  needed.  Dropped off the 3 travelers, parked in the best ever lot across from the terminal in Galveston and walked to the ship.  30 mins later we were on board...having a drink and thinking about lunch.  Laissez Le Bon Temps Roulet"

First stop was Cozumel for shopping, tasting local fare and having a welcome drink at "Fat Tuesday's...where we ate on our first cruise.  Great spot to relax a bit.

Second stop was Progreso where we boarded our tour bus to Chichen Itza.  Carlos, our very local historian and guide attempted to teach the crowd to speak Spanish and some local history which made the 2 hour ride seem like minutes.

The tour was long, hot and busy but I must say we have to go back again as the time on the ground is NOT enough to see everything in one trip.  What a spot to visit.  I am posting a few photos and there are some on my Facebook Page.  Enjoy

Next cruise on Carnival will be booked this week!

(As image for a larger photo)

Me and Shari Resting

David and Jean

Shari & Jake
El Castillo "Temple of Kukulcan"

Local Resident Iguana

El Castillo / No tourists in the way!
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