Thursday, December 3, 2015

Let the Holidays Begin!

It has been a while since we updated the blog so in fear of fading off the face of the earth I offer this update.

The motor home is finally fixed again, jacks working, AC is up and running and my second new fridge is colder than ever...FINALLY.  We have sold it 3 times,  backed out all three times, it is just too handy for local trips, overnight doctor or hospital stays and hurricane evacuations which are always a threat.It is getting harder and harder to use physically but for stays.  We can always let the kids use it as it is still in great shape for it's age and low miles to boot.

I am replacing the driver flooring for a rubber mat rather than the carped due to wear and the fact that floor mats in this coach get too close to the brake pedal causing some issues when driving.  This will be slow but I want to get it done.  The exterior is nasty but will have to wait for better weather.

HOLIDAYS!  Those who know me and Shari will understand that the next few weeks are our favorite times of the year.  Thanksgiving, is a time to reflect and to enjoy family and friends.  We had our share of that.  All of the children and grandchildren were here, lots of smiles, too many calories and loads of fun.  Christmas it next.  We are planning another Steak, Shrimp and Seafood Gumbo feast this of the perks for living on the Gulf Coast.  Personally, I love people watching this time of year, the excitement and joy abound.  I am still a kid at heart and carry my joy with me all season long.  This time of year in a Christian household brings to life the feelings and emotions from my youth and from the day our family began, we started a new generation of Peace, Joy and Wonder.

It is a bit difficult writing this as I sit watching the news and events surrounding yesterdays (Dec. 2) shootings.  Take time to pray for those who died and those who must go forward without them.

Shari is doing well with her new knee, the other one is not so well. She pulled a muscle and may have torn a tendon but with care all will be good soon.  She has started on insulin as her oral meds have stopped working and is adjusting her dose little by little as directed.  She did a great job holding this off for many years and long history of diabetes.

Me, all is good on my side.  Extensive blood work, cardiac scans, ultrasounds, enough contrast dye to light up a WalMart parking lot all looking at my heart valve which has been discussion since my birth.  Seems premature babies have a risk of valve issues.  Mine is following this path.  There has been no signs of leakage or failure but there are signs that trouble may be in my future.  Doctor says we will look at it in a year or two as it is non-symptomatic and has not changed in 10 years.

I do want to take a second to comment on something of a personal nature and that is to say that if you are my friend on Facebook, do not fret if I do not "Like, Share or Comment" on many of your posts....If I do, it is an exception.  Know that if you are on my friends list I do see every post you make, and enjoy them a great deal.  I am going through a phase that has been on my mind for years and that is a condition I have scalled F.O.G.O.  "Fear Of Growing Old".  You see, I have always thought I would be 50 when I got old.  Now that I am almost 69 and slowing down I am entering the part of my life I find easy to become depressed.  Thanks to Shari and my faith in God, I am able to simply shake this off and go forward after a few minutes.  It is just not the part of life I was looking forward to the most.  I just keep in mind 2 things, #1 is "It's only what you make of it", from Little Big Town's song and #2 is a saying I learned long ago, "Don't worry about the mule going blind".  Those two thoughts bring me back to reality and to the safe place I like to be at my age.  After all, I am too old to die young any longer.


Shari and I took a "working cruise" on Carnival in 2003, part of a seminar / cruise for me and vacation for Shari.  We vowed to do it again and we did, Feb. 14th 2015 and have another in January 2016 with Shari's sister and her husband and two of our good, local friends.  We have decided we love cruising and taking part in the sights and sounds, excursions to places we have not seen and loving the "life on a ship" for a few days.  We love being pampered and for a few bucks a day (usually about $50-$60 a day each), room, transportation, food, entertainment overload every day is a real bargain.

Well, that is about it for now, thanks for following the blog and do know that we still have an RV spot in the driveway, a spare bedroom and a wonderful beach at the end of the road.

Below are a few photos.
Table Flowers
Thanksgiving Table

Our Manger Scene

Tree 2015
Poinsettia Arrangement

Enjoy YOUR holidays, we are sure enjoying ours!
Jake and Shari Angelo

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