Friday, May 22, 2009

Friday already!

Some of you may have noticed a marked reduction in my availability in the chat rooms....well, I have been a busy boy.

Shari and I decided to purchase a one month trial subscription to PhantomEFX PC gaming site.....Error #1

Their instructions are minimal at best and their email tech support staff answers each question with a one sentence statement without reading the entire question, thus the three days of labor on my part to make their stuff work.

Well, last night one of the tech people threw out a little crumb that made me realize the problem. Game Over and all is working.

We finally put hay in the barn, 350 square bales which is aout 25% less than last May but we have had little rain. I also took some photos of the two baby "Barn Swallows" living under the hay loft and I post them tonight or Sat AM. I left the camera at the ranch and will bring it home today.

This long weekend I plan to do some finishing up on the fire damage control on the MH, check the underside for "bug holes" left by the repairs and turn the MH around in the driveway to allow us to load clothes and supplies right out our back door. It is neat to have the steps of the MH line up with the back steps of the house and simply go out one door and in the other. It makes it easy on us old folks.

Anyway, I hope to be in chat tonight or Saturday depending on what I have planned for me tonight since "she who makes my plans is not awake as of yet" and I have no orders for the weekend.

Later Y'all.

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