Tuesday, May 12, 2009

It is Tuesday so I guess I survived.

Monday was a good day at the ranch. We did our "critter" thing in the morning and loaded the sprayer to make a pass over the field that was too close to houses to have done by air. After lunch we put some more tin on the shed which is where the trouble began.

My nephew Ron was looking a bit "red in the face" and kind of panting. We had taken numerous short trips to the Gator for a drink but it was different today. The heat kind of crept up on us. As we installed the metal, the wind was blocked and the heat must have been over 100 in the sun. I think we both got heat exhaustion. Tired, sore, kind of "lost in space feeling" and could not get enough to drink. Four o'clock and we knocked off, I grabbed two quarts of GatorAid and dumped one down my throat the other I sipped on the way home.

By the time I got to High Island my legs were cramping and I had a headache. Thanks to some TLC from my Bride/Paramedic, Shari, I returned t some degree of normal by bedtime. Switching from Winter to Spring to Hot Summer in one week is hard on a body.

I will watch myself a bit more today.

Later y'all and be safe.

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