Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Another Exciting Day at the 'Lazy A Ranch"

I spent my day at the ranch again. We are intalling a new 300 gallon water tank for the front pasture, cleaning some storm debris out of the front 50 acre pasture. We put about 30 cows thru the chutes to spray some fly medicine and to cut out 3 who look like they need to see the doctor. He came in about 3, took some blood samples and tended to "Pockett Rockett" (one of the horses) sniffly nose.

Shari had a nice visit with our 3rd child Lucy and our grandson Lance ( a perk of staying home)...then fixed a great dinner of Fried Shrimp, Seasoned Red Potato's and Steamed veggies and a German Chocolate Cake for later.

The "skeeters" are on the decline so I guess I can get under the MH to do some repairs from the little fire incident. A friend sent some "heat tape" that I plan to put on the "other side" wires just in case there is a repeat incident.

I got a Jury Summons for Monday June 8 which will cut our trip short if they don't let me move it to another date. Request is pending.

All in all we had the third "record" heat day in Galveston is 6:45 PM and 80F with humidity of 77% outside. I can't wait until August.

We are going upstairs to re-arrange the exercise / hobby room to make it more usable.

That is it from "The Beach"....take care all and if you are on the road...Be Safe!

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