Saturday, May 2, 2009

Where WE were when the lights went out!

It has been a cloudy, windy and moist week on the Gulf Coast of Texas. Thursday night Shari and me evacuated to the motorhome in the driveway to sit out the "Planned Power Outage" in comfort. We made coffee, chatted and watched Tee Vee from 7 PM to near midnight.

The generator in the MH beats running power cords all over the house anyway. We almost went to an RV Park North of here but decided it would be too much for a short time.

All is well here,we are watching the "Flu" with some reservations but are all stocked up on flu meds in case we find ourselves in need of such items.

I hope to keep this blog updated as we discuss our daily events and trips we take in the rig and other boring aspects of our little lives on the beach.


Jenny Johnson said...

Good Job Jake---Keep it up--Will be reading every day.

ANT-Zee said...

Hooray! Welcome to bloggerville!

Jim and Dee said...

Welcome to the world of blogging. It will be great reading every word. Thanks

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