Monday, May 4, 2009

Why It Takes A Whole Day

Well, today was State Inspection Day at our house. We called several places in Galveston, (32 miles away across the ferry) to make sure they could do our annual inspection today...and all 3 said "of course".

Place #1 after waiting an hour for the tech to come do the inspection told me his machine was broken and it would be Thursday before it was on line.

#2 Told us it would not fit in the bay....gee it fit when I called!

#3 Said the inspection "rocket scientist" was on must have been an emergency since he was available this morning when I called.

Then we saw the light. A friend told us about a little out of the way shop, near the Greyhound track in LaMarque called "COTTON'S GARAGE". Cotton's is a REAL garage....they do Custom Exhaust, Complete Auto Repair, AC work and...and...and...State Inspections. Call for directions but it is easy to find once you get there once..and believe me, "once is not enough". These folks are honest, fair and ready to help. Thank God for people like this that are there to help.

Cotton's Garage
5416 Mitchell Lane
LaMarque, TX 77568
Just off Hwy 2004 Just Past the Dog Track
and 2 minutes from I-45
We are home, legal and happy.

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