Saturday, June 20, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy

There are few pleasures we enjoy more than the June 21 - July 4'th time frame. Shari's birthday is June 21 and mine is July 3 and those days are special to us. With each one comes the knowledge that Thanks to the generosity of our loving God we have enjoyed each other for another year. How blessed that makes us feel.

We do tend to party a bit during these times just in case the next year does not go as well. Reflecting back on the year with Hurricane Ike, the loss of some good friends and the little fire in the motorhome makes us realize how fragile life and living can be.

Here are our thoughts on the next two weeks. Sunday, Shari's birthday and Father's Day, we plan to spend at home with some friends and family. One of our friends caught some great Red Snapper offshore this week and will share them with us this weekend. Next week, I will work to get the irrigation system operational at the ranch to try to save the hay fields from our lack of rainfall this season and get the place ready for the 50-70 guests at my Ray and Jo's (Brother-In-Law & Sister) for their routinely annual July 4'th gathering of the family and some close friends. It is a simple affair, with hot dogs, sausages and hamburgers and lots of sweet stuff to help fill out the calorie count.

The 28'th we take the MH in for some service work and when done, move it to the ranch for the Fourth of July party.

This year for the kids part of the party, I plan to load up a wagon with hay and take the kiddo's on a ranch tour to feed the animals, mostly cows and horses range cubes that they willingly will take from your hands...I am also sure that they will nibble on the seating arrangement.....because fresh hay bales are hard to resist for the "grazing stock".

We will then go on a casino trip to Lake Charles and cash in our Birthday cash that we get from the Isle of Capri and Delta Downs Casino each year. If we are lucky, we can bring some cash home but it is not expected.

Mostly SE Texas is Dry, Hot and Still. The beach is full of tourists and traffic is heavy in our neck of the woods with the visitors to the beach and Galveston.

If anyone views my weather station I have a little problem with the wind readings. I must replace the cable from the sensor to the transmitter with some shielded cable since the cell site across the street added new carriers. I get a South wind reading (due South) of 28.4 mph which is false. So, if you see should return to an actual reading soon.


Jim and Dee said...

Looks like summer is really busy for you. Hope to see you for a quick hi in the chat room. Have a great time. So far so good with no hurricanes brewing.

Leno said...

Happy Birthday to Shari.. Sounds like you two will be busy for the next several weeks. I am not real happy with this severe heat we are having here in Texas.. Too early..
Next summer must have other plans.
Have fun.

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