Saturday, June 13, 2009

These are the times that try men's souls.

This week we got the "right" side of the hay loft about half full of hay has only just begun.

Last night Shari went to visit friends and I stayed home to get some stuff done. My first project was to see just how grand the expensive, time consuming and stressful switchover from analog Tee Vee to Digital was going. HA! Understand that I began my technical career in 1967 when I worked for an ABC station for 15 years. My technical work continued until I retired in 2003 and 2005....(long story) but this switchover takes the cake. You must know that we have Dish Network for TV at home and in the RV so it really does not make any difference but I am a Tee Vee nut so 240 channels is just not enough. Our Government Assigned Local Stations (GALS) is Houston, which we never visit, shop or even like and is 11 miles line of sight farther than the Beaumont Market which we frequent, shop, visit and love. Go Figure.

We got fair antenna signal from Houston and Beaumont before the "switch". Now, we get 28 channels, mostly not of our language and /or religious preference and the remainder are commercials for the Pocket Kitchen tool. All of these display "low or no" signal. Arrrrrr. So, I may need a outdoor antenna $129. and mast 30' high according to the Government Operated Television CHannel Announcement (GOTCHA). I did not see information about my needing a round tube set with large wooden cabinet but am sure it is on the web site someplace.

The one station I wanted to watch for "Local" news is not to be seen. I was going to build a homemade antenna but the attic of our 2400 sq foot two story house was not big enough to hold it. Plus if lightning struck it may blow the roof off my house and we just had it replaced from IKE.

So, Dish is still the favorite method of watching not much on Tee Vee....and I can live without the Morning Show from KFDM Channel Six for a while longer. I am just happy that we now have all of this new bandwidth from analog TV stations to use for a yet to be determined system which I am sure will cost us less and provide more needed service of accounting for our money, property and whereabouts to Uncle Sam.

Today, I started some new plant cuttings and hope the heat and dry conditions don't kill them.

Enjoy your day.


Joe and Sherri said...

I know what you mean about the TV sets...I just got all new sets and sold all the old one so I would not have to worry with the change over.

Jim and Dee said...

Mom's "black box" works some of the time but not all the time, and so far in 3 days, we've rebooted 4 times. I guess it's called progress??

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