Saturday, August 22, 2009

Surprise! The Central Air in the Stick House Died.

When the temp started rising on Thursday I called the air conditioning repair man to come take a look. Our unit is 14 years old and was to be replaced after we completed the construction on the house. Well, "if it ain't broke...don't fix it" is one of my mottos. This prompted us to activate PLAN A...move into the motorhome.

Plan to repair the system which is out of the question.

On to Plan C...New Unit.

The repair dude explained age and salt air and such to me then told me he could fix it but it would exceed the cost of one just like it brand new. I did not want just a "split unit" so I opted for quotes on a heat pump system this go around. They each of the companies I called on Friday explalined that they don't qoute systems on Friday....too busy trying to get the weekend off. So we wait. Camping in the driveway showing service guys the system and how I want it to be if they replace my system.

I guess by Tuesday I will recover from the price and get on with the project. Until then we are evacuated to the driveway. I will post a picture tomorrow...

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LakeConroePenny,TX said...

The AC unit didn't know how long you would be "completing the house", it seems it did it's best to hang on for 14 years. It didn't know what Rita and Ike would do to the house either, to extend the completion. R.I.P AC.

Be grateful you have the MH to live in.

Happy Trails in the driveway!!
Hugs, Penny, TX

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