Friday, August 28, 2009

We have been Fulltiming now for 8 days...sort of!

Having moves numerous items, not normally associated with part time RV travel, from the stick house to the motorhome, we feel like we are traveling. Only difference is the full size washer/dryer next door, bubblie tub and refrigerator and freezer. Shari made "Ranch Roast" today, a dutch oven crammed full of a roast, onion, potatoes, carrots and a bag of onion soup mix...splash of salt/pepper and some water. Cook for 2 hours at about 350 and enjoy. She did this in the giant oven, not in the EasyBake RV Oven.

Air system won't be in until arrives at the shop on Tuesday installation will follow I am sure. "I am a very patient person".

Friday, or perhaps Thursday we will move to the Isle of Capri Casino to get ready for the Beach Boys...this does take some getting ready for. The last time I saw them was in 1965, St. Augustine Florida on the beach (how odd). I was taking my SAT's.

I guess we are really camped now....I put out the sewer hose to empty the black tank into our septic we are happy campers again. We have Water, 50 amps, sewer and Wi-Fi and a free laundry next door. Almost like camping at home..oh, we are. :)

On another note, last year at this time we were 10 days from having a barn full of hay and today we have about 1/4'th of that.....not good. We hope to get one more cutting done which will help but not fix the loss caused by dry weather in spite of our irrigation efforts. We should have started watering earlier I guess but had faith in the weather. Amazing how dumb we can be sometimes.

Anyway, Shari is doing well in the RV and anxious to go to the casino and see the Beach Boys as well as play a bit at the Isle of Capri.

Until next time....Take Care All....

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