Monday, February 1, 2010


It is with mixed feelings we sit and wait for Shari's cardiac cath on Wednesday. We have been very good on the cardiac diet and I am packing the motor home to move to Galveston tomorrow. You have to understand that getting to the hospital at 6 AM requires a ferry ride which starts 35 miles from here and may or may not be on "schedule" due to dock damage from hurricane Ike still being repaired. They were adding new docks when the storm hit so things are slow to return. To prevent our arriving late we will simply move to Bayou Shores RV park in Galveston for a few days and have an easy trip to the hospital on Wednesday AM.Not to give the impression that I am worried but to put it another way, "I am worried".

The first time she was in the middle of a heart attack and kind of stressed both of us. This one is like touching an electric wire the SECOND time. She knows what will happen but not sure she will like it much. We put our faith in God and strength from the prayers of our friends and family.
We are told by the cardiologists that it should be an "in and out" procedure but key word here is "should". Time will tell.Until next time.


LakeConroePenny,TX said...

You know that I will be praying and thinking of you both.
It is easy for me to say, but worrying might make you a patient, too, Jake. Let Go, and Let God.

When I had to go to that hospital we would stay at that campground and watch the tour boats turn around there. We liked it a lot better than being on the beach.
Hugs, and Happy Trails, Penny.

Sandra said...

Our thoughts and prayers are with you. What better way to start out than with an RV trip!

Fred and Wilma said...

Our prayers are with you both. Keep thinking positive, and let God do the rest. I'm sure you will be just fine Shari. Keep us all informed of your recovery.

JB said...

Out thoughts and prayers are with you and Shari. Vaya con Dios

KarenInTheWoods and Steveio said...

Didn't want to bring it up in chat tonight in case it would make you feel on the spot.... but thinking of Shari and having to go through this. Praying for both of you. Take care and let us know how things went.

Many HUGS to you both!

Jim and Dee said...

We have you in our prayers. It will all work out just fine.

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