Friday, February 19, 2010

Last Week of February is Upon Us

This has been a fast 7 weeks. This year, 2010 started off pretty bad for us with Shari's heart attack and all it brings with it. Two hospital stays, nearly weekly doctor appointments and disrupted travel plans and lifestyle changes all helped the time fly past.

The doctor gave Shari the go ahead to return to a "normal" life, we like to think our lives are not described as "normal" by any standards. The good side is that now she can become active again, doing household things and return to our exercise program. The biggest changes are her medications and our daily diet. Food is still good and as much fun to prepare, perhaps even more fun with the challenges of making our favorites with low fat, cholesterol and sodium but leaving the taste.

On the home front, we are waiting for the fence guys to come install our new fence, which has been missing since Sept. 2008 when Ike hit the coast. Once that is done I will tend to the exterior repairs still pending. We do have a couple of trips planned soon but not sure where or when yet.

This weekend Doug and JoAnn passed thru High Island on their way East and we are anxious to meet them. They will overnight in our driveway RV slot and we are sure that we will have a great visit. If you are heading thru this area feel free to contact us, we would love to meet our RV'ing friends in person.

All is well here and I am still astounded at the video of our new HD television and find that movies we have seen before have a new look on the big screen. It is amazing. The 20" on my desk is nothing to sneeze at either. Shari and me are happy that finally things are starting to return to normal and pray that God will continue to keep us safe and sound.

Until Next Time.....

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Jim and Dee said...

It's great to know Shari is better and back to "normal". I hope the rest of the year will be fantastic for you guys. Plan some trips and have fun. Good luck on the fence. See you soon.

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