Sunday, February 14, 2010

To Be Happy And Other Random thoughts

Shari is recovering on schedule and making great progress. The weather here has been kind of cool but hey, it is Winter and we have to expect cold, cloudy, wind and happens this time of year.

On this, the 36th Anniversary of our first date, we are still happy people. God has been so good to us, we often wait for the other shoe to fall but when and if it does, we know it is part of life on this good earth. That Feb. 14th we went to the Astrodome to the Houston Rodeo to watch the events and watch Elvis perform on the big stage. This year we will spend at home watching the Olympics and the Daytona 500.

We have always preached to our kids that "Life is about choices". You get up every day and can make a decision at that moment to have a good day, or a bad day. To make the right choices, listening to God's direction and enjoying NOW rather than spending time worrying about what may happen, or what we want to happen. Don't choose to miss the NOW, trying to shape the FUTURE. God will take of tomorrow, just enjoy today.

In our little space on this planet, we are making repairs to the RV as soon as it warms up a bit. I will change out the front clearance lights as they are starting to leak, sealing the roof seams with Eternabond tape and sealing the entry door as it has a loose rubber seal on the bottom of the door. I may use a dab of Gorilla Glue on that item. After that I will seal some seams on the sides and polish the rubber joints that have turned black over time.

This week the fence company arrives to install our long awaited fence which was blew away during hurricane Ike. We have lots more work on the two sides that are fenced and plan to clean those fence lines immediately. Shari gets frustrated watching me but she will be able to help soon.

We once again thank everyone for your prayers and thoughts and are blessed to have friends across the land praying for each other...we are praying for you.

Until next time.


LakeConroePenny,TX said...

Happy First Date Anniversary, Shari and Jake!

Yes, life is everything to do with choices. I have a sign on my front door that says "Choices have consequences, make good choices", and under it is another one: "Lack of organization on your part, does not constitute and emergency on my part". Because the people who make the bad choices usually want me to jump up and go help them rectify their "emergency"!
Happy Trails, Penny, TX.

Roofing said...

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