Thursday, May 20, 2010

Motorhome OUT of the shop......Motorhome IN the shop again!

Well, as luck would have it we got the motorhome out of the shop on Thursday as planned, new burner in the fridge, new clearance lights and new wiper blades.... Yee Haw. As we were making our way East on the Tollway back home I noticed that the brakes seemed to be dragging a bit. Since there is not much of a place to pull over while on the tollway, I pulled to the side of the road and found a hot rear wheel, driver's side. We moved a bit farther to get off the freeway into a large "future road expansion" area Southward of the toll road. After inspecting the rear brakes I found my fears to be true. As stated in the "recall summary letter", the brakes were hot, stuck and pedal to the floor mushy.

I called Good Sam Road Side Assistance and they dispatched a towing service which after his arrival decided his truck was not large enough to pull the rig...DUH! He told me that he thought he could get it done but better call for another service. The operator at Good Sam was not amused. The second call out was more honest and a giant truck came to tow us to Monument Chevrolet in Pasadena, TX. They are open until midnight, Monday-Friday and were happy to check us in. They were aware of the Workhorse recall and told me that in the morning the service manager would call to get the OK to do the repairs. We will see.

Such is life for the traveler in moving houses....we are home safe and sound and looking for hotels in the area of next planned trip as a back up to having the RV back by then.

It was a hoot to see Shari and me sitting on the pavement, lawn chairs, drinks and snacks waiting for the truck to arrive. All is well that ends well.

Until next time.

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