Saturday, January 22, 2011

Life On The Upper Texas Coast

Photo is out our front door of the moon next to the cell tower which is loaded with Buzzard's every day.

We have had a nice start to the New Year. Early in January we both had our scheduled blood tests and I think we passed even if we did not score an A+ .

The Impala is doing well and the motor home is too. I have to take it into Winnie, about 2o miles North for a donut in the exhaust, otherwise it is doing well for a 2002 model. Our travel plans are not set in stone but if we decide to get out of here we will just go.

My forum page on is doing well with 44 members mostly from Irv2. I had to block a few "members" from Russia as my rule is if you don't chat on an RV site the forum is not for you. I put it up so friends can post where they are and are heading in a secure section of the forums with special password that opens those sections. If I don't know who you are....sorry! I may contact you by email if I don't remember who you are.

Things are really doing well on the beach, construction is up and the road is being elevated as a temporary fix until engineering can relocate it. It still may flood during high South winds but it is on the mend. There are still only a few of the restaurants open, many less than pre-Ike years but those that are open are sure to do well this summer if they survive the winter months.

We will start to clear the fence around our house, stuff grows fast when neglected but we will catch up soon. If the burn ban is lifted long enough that is. It is difficult here since the nearest county dump is about 55 miles from here across the ferry and our trash company only picks up bagged household trash.

We hope to take a few days on the road soon if we can get caught up.

Until Next Time

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Beth said...

Glad to hear you're both doing well!

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