Thursday, February 3, 2011

Winterized Motor Home Chapter One

This week I had a first. I winterized the motor home for the first time since 2003......sort of. With temps forecast to be 25 for three to four days I decided rather than blow away some propane I would simply winterize....the big issue was "where did I put that Newmar book?".

1. Turn off the hot water heater and water supply. DUH
2. Drain the hot water heater using the exterior plug (see photo)
3. Open the "Hot/Red" and "Black/Cold" water line lowest point drains.
4. Open each tap in the coach to allow water to drain.

I blew air into the kitchen & bath sinks, shower hose and outside water connection and shower to clear the lines. I set my compressor at about 5 lbs to prevent blowing up the lines.

I did not use any pink stuff. I did have the heater and water bay vent fan on set at about 45 degrees. I hope nothing gets damaged. Temps were very low Tuesday night and low was near 20. Last night and the rest of the week will be between 25 and 30 at night.

Time will tell.

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