Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Christmas Season 2012

I may ramble a bit but here goes.  We are slowly getting things ready for Christmas but are still unsure of who will be "Home for Christmas".  We have both been busy with numerous doctor visits...I don't see how two people who basically feel fine for our age have so many doctors concerned about our health.

When I turned 65 and Medicare became my prime seems like I fell apart, or at least they think that I did.  Yesterday I watched as the doctor passed a TV camera from my mouth to ...well, the other end...all because I failed my "Initial Medicare Check Up".  I am just happy he started with the "mouth end".  Sorry, but the devil made me say that!

Our new grandson, Michael is growing every day and his big brother Lance is getting used to having him around.  (Photos on our "family album) at

This past year has been a mix of sadness and joy with so many of our friends passing away this year and having the joy of a new grandson.  At this age it is difficult when a close friend passes away so stop it already!
Weather has been on and off...wet, dry, wind, calm, cool warm...and that was yesterday......

We are not RV'ing much lately, it is just too easy to valet park at a local hotel, enjoy room service and get along with why we went where we did in the first place.  Yea, I know all the reasons we should RV but it is not getting much easier and these DRIVERS.....whew!

Anyway, we hope you can join us in a Merry Christmas or have a great Holiday safe, eat well and love lots!

Our Annual Christmas Card is posted on our web site....we hope you enjoy it.

Until next time.....

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