Saturday, January 12, 2013

A New Year!

I hope everyone had a great year and am excited about 2013 as I am.  Thirteen is my lucky number.  We made it past the holidays, shopping, eating, visiting and the like.  Most of the kids came home but one had a short schedule between work and off so he will see is in a month or so.  Healthwise, I have had a hacking, choking, puking month...taking a small pharmacy but it seems better.  They say it that I can't pass it on but how then, did I get it?  Hmm..never understood that.

Shari is finally meeting the doctor next week to RE-Start the discussion about her back pain.  Her family has a long history of disk problems and they discovered hers last year.  However, they also found the adrenal gland tumor which had to come out first.  She is almost over all of that and time to get back to the original problem..her back.  She is excited to say the least.

We decided to shut down at the end of this month for numerous reasons.  First of all I am tired of dealing with it.  Secondly, my software used for the photos and the web design are outdated and cannot be upgraded from the "educational" version I purchased.  Replacement would cost me just under $900 and I have better plans for that money.  When I upgrade this PC in a few weeks the software will not make the upgrade.  There are options available to "build your own" web site but the vendor software just does not work for me.  One has to "work within the box", something I am not good at.  I also donate the local Volunteer Fire Department their web site which I can easily move to the web in a box system as they have just a few pages and not many photos.

Other than that, the rain has been plenty and the Winter temps mild with one or two days below 30 here on the coast.  The children are doing well, Bryan is still working in Las Vegas, Sara is working one full time job with the City of Houston and one part time at a local recording studio there and Lucy and her husband purchased a new home in Winnie and had our second grandson, Michael, born in October.

All is good...we have not traveled far from home due to Shari's back and that may not change any time soon.  We are keeping busy and feeling pretty good about life in general.  Photo of Lance and Michel.

Until next time!

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Tumbleweed Dee said...

We missed you at the RV Show. We had planned on coming back to the New Horizons when the RV-Dreams get together was over, but it was raining and cold and no one had coats. It was miserable.

We loved the RV and got to talk to the New Horizon owner. Hope to see you again soon.

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