Friday, January 29, 2016

Back from our cruise on the Amazing Carnival Magic

Since we have all but stopped using our Newmar Kountry Star Motor Home we have decided to focus on other modes of travel.  First a little history.  The February before I retired we had the opportunity to cruise on Carnival out of Galveston on the Jubilee.  It was not as grand as today's ships but still a great adventure for our first cruise.

Last February we took another Valentine cruise on the Carnival Magic, Port of Galveston again and it was amazing.  People ask us "don't you get bored being on a ship that long?", my answer is NO, it is more like being in Vegas on the strip for a week only for about $60 bucks a day, meals and entertainment included.  We do bring a bit of gaming cash as the casino on board has been fair to us so far.  We also like to book an excursion or two and have seen some sites that were on our bucket list for a long time.  In 2015 we visited Mayan ruins in Chichen Itza, and did some shopping.  This trip in January 2016 we visited the Mayan Ruins in Belize and a river tour of the River Wallace which was filled with wildlife not common to our area.

The next trip is on the drawing board will be on a different ship and route for sure since the Magic is moving to Florida and Galveston has 2 different large ships making it 3 Carnival ships from Galveston.

Note that on the last 2 trips we had the pleasure of being with Shari's sister Elizabeth (Jean), and her husband David both sharing the fun with us and on last weeks trip we also had Robert and Katherine Isaacks, our neighbors with us.  
These are from last weeks cruise,  Enjoy
L-R David, Jean, Jake, Shari, Katherine, Robert

David and Jean
Shari's Beverage at Fat Tuesdays, Cozumel
Robert and Katherine

Crock with a Golden Butterfly sitting on his leg
Mayan Ruins at Belize

Iguana on a tree
Monkey feeding, there were like 20 of them

Tiny insect eating bats
The "SHIPS COIN"  Find it but don't tell where it is....

Ice Block

Indian Head

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