Thursday, January 7, 2016


Having finished Christmas and now the New Year is come HAPPY NEW YEAR to those few I follow who still read blogs.

We had a great holiday season, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's Eve with Family, Family, Family and it was GRAND.

I am about half done working on the Motor Home...the list is getting shorter anyway.  I have had the jacks replaced, Fridge burner unit replaced, Starter and 1 AC Unit rebuilt all under Good Sam Extended Warranty...thank GOD.

I am in the process of getting new batteries and replacing the carpet in the driver area with a rubber mat which will be trimmed in metal and screwed to the plywood which was under the carpet.

Keep in mind that our travels are VERY limited as we have all but stopped RV'ing except for local trips and hurricane evacuations or other events.  We may make the Alabama-Coushatta Pow Wow this summer in Livingston but that is about the range of our travels by motor home.  I am just getting tired.

Shari is doing fine as am I, her knee replacement is now better than her left one which is still original parts.  We are taking our next cruise on Carnival this month and am sure will post pics on Facebook and/or here shortly after our return.

Glad you are here and I will attempt to update monthly if not more as time passes.  I am spending lots of time on the computer so it should be easy.


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