Thursday, January 21, 2010

Health, Play, Food, Work and Choices

We had a good visit with Shari's cardiologists on Tuesday and things are progressing well. We are eating the right stuff, avoiding the wrong stuff and it seems to be working. They will let us know next week when we can come in for the next cath procedure. I expect it will be the first or second week in February. It should be a day in and next day or two out thing and rapid recovery since there won't be a heart attack going on this time.

They did some blood work, an EKG and lots of discussion about the next procedure. We are confident that Shari is on the way to a full recovery. We both may be better off having experienced this but don't recommend this course of treatment just to modify your dietary habits.

I have not done much work around here on the house but hope to get the fence line cleared this week to prepare for the fence. With the terrorist dogs next door I need a fence real bad. I thought I had a guy to do the work but that did not work out so I will do it myself. I am not a stranger to building fences. The big problem is that we both have always expressed the opinion that "life is about choices" and I am having trouble choosing anything more than 10' from Shari at the moment, which is really where I want to be. The yard can and will wait for me. Like the quote goes "Make play a high priority in your life for if you die tomorrow no one can play for you, but someone can and will do your work for you!!!" Ken Beebe (Dr. Play)

We do love to play....


LakeConroePenny,TX said...

Awwww, how sweet, Jake!
Very best to you and Shari,
Happy Trails, Penny.

tomurso said...

Glad to hear that all is going along the right way. Keep up the good work guys and our prayers are with you for a speedy recovery.

You are right Jake the yard can wait, life is more important.

Lee & Tom

Ruth said...

Hi Jake and Shari. I was going to e-mail and ask how Shari was doing, when it occurred to me you might have made a post. Very glad to hear Shari is not only doing better, but you are BOTH doing better. :)

I love your quote: "Not all who wander are lost" (or something like that).

Ruth (Arbie on weather underground)

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